Choestoe Draws
The slowest artist to ever art.

Ed in progress. 


This is a sketch… how do people sketch like this! ?
By Choestoe

- thefullmetalblog

Haha I’m always a little surprised when I come across old art of mine on tumblr. It’s five years old but I still kinda’ wanna finish it. It’s stashed away in my sketch graveyard somewhere.

Lugia charms currently for sale to a good home! $15 each! Only got two left in stock. Catch ‘em while you can! 

Royai with some heavy J.C. Leyendecker influences (again). So it’s a fan art/master study thing??? Also, Roy has a fat baby face and he’s hard to draw in this style. That is all.


imagining roy mustang dramatically singing set fire to the rain




This is so badly drawn I’m sorry